Give me some pink

Friday, September 02, 2005

tag team amateur facials

So Jenns sister and BiL came over last night for supper, and to give the AJ Monster his B-day gift (turns 1 on Monday.. Dang) So we had decent pizza, I FINALLY beat Drew at football (Hail Mary with a 40+ yard run for a touchdown with no time on the clock)

After supper we sat around and I pulled out this game we dug out of a clearance bin at Toys R Us called 2 second trivia. Its full of easy little trivia questions to be asked at speed. Everyone got hung up on "Who did Tim Allen voice in Toy Story" btw.. morons ;)

One of the questions was "Crazy like a _"

So I read it.. and without even a moments hesitation Cindi says "Motherfucker" Now.. To hear ME say that.. Wouldn't be a big deal.. but I can count the times I have heard her swear on one hand.. I don't remember the last time I had to force myself from peeing due to laughing that hard..

At work.. real slow.. had a guy come in earlier.. "oh i'm so tired.. I can't drive anymore.. I need to sleep" I knocked a few bucks off a room because it was late and its nice to make money.. so he goes to park.. comes in with his 2 dozen beer, his buddy, and the girl they are going to be tag teaming the girls from Amateur Facials site.. I'm sure she has the same number of teeth in either end..

I'm off at 7.. and back at work at 6 pm.. So i'm just going to sleep here with the girls from Teens For Cash.. its easier, and I get to sleep till 5 instead of 4.. That makes for a happier Tarpo that needs less drugs to stay awake..

I still plan on being surly though.. I just feel like it